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Custom Website Design, Hosting, & Maintenance

Why Szimpla?   We’ll Help You Create An Online Presence That Performs

  Centering Customers

Your customer deserve an experience that is clear and intuitive. Our designs ensure usability while promoting your most important messages.

  Designed for Growth

Give yourself a solid foundation for the future. We design things carefully to give you firm footing. Say goodbye to piece-meal solutions.

  Working Agile

Your vision rapidly takes shape with our agile approach to project management. Together we validate progress, make adjustments, and deliver value.


One Page Websites that are Clear, Compelling, and Conversion Focused

Even with a single page you can create a powerful experience for visitors. Capture leads, promote an event, or create an online profile.

Optimized for Conversion

Your goals lead the way as we design an experience that guides visitors to take the desired action.

Fast Turn Around

Once you’re ready to go we move incredibly fast. Most projects can be completed in a week or less.

Mobile Friendly

54% of all website visits are on a mobile device1. We prioritize mobile to ensure your site performs for all visitors.

Create or
Upgrade Your
Business Website

Full Featured, WordPress Solutions

Many businesses turn to WordPress because of its broad range of functionality. We think they’re pretty smart. ? The truth is that we like lots of platforms out there, but we specialize in WordPress and love the control if offers.

We can help you migrate from another platform, redesign your existing site, or create a custom design website from the ground up.

Strategic Planning

We start by defining 2-3 key metrics to improve. These goals guide decisions and focus conversations throughout the process.

WordPress Development

43% of all websites are built with WordPress2. And with over 59k plugins in the repository3 there’s a solution for nearly any need.

Ease of Ownership & Use

Good design isn’t just about the vibe of a website. It also considers ongoing use and upkeep. We consider all these aspects and more when building solutions.

Have A
Gnarly Problem
To Solve?

Custom Solutions For Any Need

Really hard problems can be like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. They take a little more determination but are so satisfying to complete. We thrive with this type of project and we bring predictability to the process.

It’s okay if you’re not sure where to start. We can help you think through a roadmap that delivers value quickly and throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate all the systems that are critical to your business. Event management, CRM, e-commerce, and more. Let us design the perfect solution that just works.


Success isn’t a singular event at the end of our project. Instead, it occurs repeatedly as your needs evolve and grow. We give you a firm foundation to scale and grow.

Hear What Our Clients Say

We Ask That You…

  Show Up

Building a website is hard work. Your passion and engagement will be critical in order to succeed.

  Have Clear Goals

Clear goals will guide decisions and provide boundaries for honest collaboration throughout our partnership.

  Plan Your Budget

Writing a check is part of it. But so is your time. Be ready to prioritize both as an investment in your growth.

About Szimpla Digital

What Does Szimpla Mean?

Szimpla means simple in Hungarian. This word, which we learned in Budapest, reminds us of travel, artistry, grit, and the joy of using what you’ve got to make something incredible (see the ruin pub Szimpla Kert for an example).

At Szimpla Digital we embrace these things and strive to embody them in our work.

Our Ethos

We are creatives at heart; whether it’s, web design, painting, graphic design, or woodworking, we love it all. But the synergy that comes from collaborating with you is what keeps us motivated.


Andie & Andrew have been an item for over 20 years. ? At Szimpla we bring together our diverse experiences to help business owners reach their goals. By the numbers: 5 kids, 29 countries visited (lived in 4), 2 dogs, and 0 cars.

We’d Love To Support Your Business